About Us

About Us

Hello! We are Kat & Sue and we welcome you to our shop, WaxWing Poetic. We were long ago inspired by cedar waxwings and knew that one day we would embark upon a creative venture that included this bird of inspiration. We also both love poetry and double entendres. A name was born!

Ironically, the pandemic gave us the opportunity to reanimate our creativity, which led us to form our candle | home | body product business through which we desire to share our love of high quality, fragrant, beautiful products with a wider audience than our immediate friends and family.

We started researching the best suppliers, first for candle wax and vessels, and then most importantly, toxin-free fragrance oils. After research came months and months of development, testing each product thoroughly to ensure safety and quality. Candle creation is time-consuming when the goal is a long-lasting burn with a great fragrance throw. Coconut wax needs to cure for at least two weeks in order to give a full picture of how it will perform when the wick is lit. Each tiny change to jar size, wick, fragrance oil percentage, etc., means starting all over with testing.

Supply chain shortages meant delays and testing of new vessels, wicks, and fragrance oils. In spite of the challenges, or perhaps because of them, we have enjoyed working together to troubleshoot and elevate our game, finding better methods to produce products that we would want to purchase ourselves.  

We began online sales on our website over a year ago, selling small-batch coconut apricot wax candles. Along the way we added colorful and fragrant coconut wax melts, reed diffusers in elegant glass bottles, and several body products (luxurious lotions and creams, body scrubs, bath whips, and room/linen sprays).  Many of our bath and body products are a great complement to our candle and diffuser scents.  

Today (July 24, 2022) we opened our Etsy doors, as we believe we are finally ready to supply our carefully honed products to a larger audience. We thank you for stopping by either of our online shops and exploring the items that we have crafted in our studio near Hillsborough, North Carolina. Please take your time, look around, and feel free to ask questions ... and thank you for your part in making life a little more fragrant!

Kat & Sue

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