How to Set Up and Use Your Reed Diffuser

When you receive your reed diffuser from WaxWing Poetic and you're ready to set it up for the first time, please use the following instructions.  

  • Ensure that you are placing the diffuser on a stable, level surface out of the reach of children and pets
  • The liquid is flammable, so ensure that you are also placing it in an area away from flames or gas appliances.  Do not light the reeds.
  • Remove the gold or silver metal collar by unscrewing counter-clockwise and place it nearby - you will be using it again.
  • Using your fingernail or a thin metal instrument lightly pry up the bottle stopper and remove it. You may keep this in case you will be transporting the bottle in the future, or you may discard it.
  • Replace the gold or silver metal collar by screwing it on clockwise.  
  • Untie the bundle of reeds and place 4 to 8 reeds in the diffuser, depending on the level of fragrance you wish to release into the room.  A small bathroom may need only 4 reeds; a large room may need 6 to 8 reeds for best fragrance release.  The more reeds you use the stronger the fragrance, and the sooner the liquid is depleted.  
  • Do NOT light the reeds!  The purpose of the reeds is to wick up the fragrance and disperse the fragrance naturally in the room.  
  • You are now set up!  Flipping the reeds (removing, turning upside down, and reinserting) will extend the fragrance release.  We find that our fragrances can last from 2 to 6 months, depending upon the strength of the oils,  number of reeds used, frequency with which you flip the reeds, and your preferred fragrance load.