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Candle Essentials Set

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Gifting a clean-burning WaxWing Poetic coconut apricot wax candle? Great choice! Consider adding the ultimate candle essentials set for yourself or your recipient(s).

Wick Trimmers

Did you know that candles perform best if they are trimmed after every burn? You can trim your wicks with scissors, or use our heavy-duty wick trimmers, which make keeping those wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch easy peasy. During the clipping motion, the circle at the bottom catches stray wick clippings and the occasional "mushroom" at the tip of the wick before it falls into the wax. Keep your candle wick trimmed and looking fine with these trimmers and you'll be rewarded with a lovely burning, long-lasting candle.  

Bottled Matches

Who can resist colorful matches in a glass bottle with a fun, elegant label? Our matches are three inches long and tipped in your choice of either white, grey, peach, or all black. The longer than standard length matches allow for ample time to light a candle and protect those precious fingers.  

Gift Packaging

Rather than gift-wrap your package, you can use our branded black or white tubes as packaging. We will be happy to write a short note on the tubes if we are sending directly to your recipient. Please note that the white or amber glass lidded candles do not fit in the gift tubes - only the flat metal lids fit.